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Can I get contact lenses?

The majority of people are suitable for contact lens wear. The contact lenses available today are much more comfortable and healthier for the eye than they were in the past. There are plenty of different designs and types available to suit different eyes and wearing needs and the designs are improving all the time.

What do I need to do to get contact lenses?

If you have never worn contact lenses you will need to see our optometrist to obtain a prescription and learn how to correctly wear and care for your lenses. Appointments can be arranged by calling us on 02 4933 0055.

Jason will begin with an initial consultation (bulk billed to Medicare) to check if your eyes are suitable for contact lens wear. This will depend on the strength of your prescription and the health of the front of your eyes. At this visit, Jason will discuss the best options for contact lens wear with you. Options may include daily disposable lenses, lenses you clean and keep for two to four weeks, lenses you can sleep in for as long as 30 days, or longer term lenses. The best option for you will depend on your prescription, your personal eye health, and how often you would like to wear contact lenses.

If you then decide to try contact lenses a second appointment will be organised at which Jason will fit trial contact lenses to your eyes. He will show you how to insert, remove and clean your lenses and answer any questions you may have. Jason allows up to one hour for this visit to ensure you feel confident and understand how to use your lenses correctly. If all goes well you can take your free trial lenses home with you after this visit!

A third visit is then required, usually after 1-2 weeks. You will be asked to wear your trial lenses to this visit so that Jason can check that the strength of the lenses is suitable for you, and that your eye health has not been affected by contact lens wear. If you have had any difficulties with the contact lens comfort, vision, or their use then this will be addressed and further visits may be required. Additional visits are also usually required if you are being fit with extended wear lenses (the ones you can sleep in). If all is well you can start to order your contact lenses.

Most contact lens wearers then require regular checkups called contact lens aftercares (at least every 12 months) to ensure their eyes remain healthy.

How much does it cost to get contact lenses?

For new wearers the entire fitting process as described above costs $150 (if your require more visits than average you will not need to pay any more). This fee is not rebatable through Medicare or private health funds (although Medicare will pay the fitting fee for certain prescriptions such as if you are very short or long sighted). When you return for contact lens aftercares in the future these can be billed to Medicare.

If you already wear contact lenses, then contact lens aftercares at which your prescription is renewed can be billed to Medicare. If you are already a contact lens wearer and would like to change your type of lens you wear, then the payment is $40 per visit (usually two visits are required).

Trial lenses given at fitting appointments are free. The actual cost of the lenses will vary depending on what is prescribed. As a guide, monthly disposable lenses range from $110 to $160 for a three month supply. We are able to order most international contact lens brands including Cooper Vision Hydron and Johnson and Johnson.

Contact lens image courtesy of Susan Cain

For further information, or to book an eye test, phone us on 49330055.